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Donate Your Vehicle

Keystone accepts donations of cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, and RVs. Your donation may be used in one of our direct support programs or sold and the proceeds designated for use by our programs.

When you donate your vehicle to Keystone Human Services, you may be providing a means of transportation for individuals in our programs, providing them with the opportunity to participate in community activities and employment. As the men and women who use our services move into their own homes, gain competitive employment and develop their independence, they may also need a vehicle for their personal use.

Our international practical trainees may also need vehicles for transportation while they are studying and working for Keystone in the United States. Through our International Practical Training Program, individuals from all over the world come to Keystone’s agencies to participate in internships and training. During the 18-month International Practical Training Program, participants gain practical and professional experience in human services that they can then apply in their home regions. 

Vehicle Requirements

In order to donate your vehicle, it must:

  • Be in good working order
  • Have a current inspection sticker
  • Be registered in your name with the Department of Motor Vehicles and you must possess the title
  • Have no outstanding debt attached to it

We will also need to know the current mileage on the vehicle. Your title will provide all of the other information you will need to donate the vehicle.

Your vehicle may be used in one of our programs in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland or Connecticut in the United States or Moldova in Eastern Europe.


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