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Susquehanna Service Dogs in Need of Puppy Raisers

Harrisburg, PA -- Susquehanna Service Dogs is in need of volunteers, individuals or families who are interested in becoming Puppy Raisers for wonderful Labrador Retriever puppies that grow to become service, therapy or hearing dogs.

Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD), a program of Keystone Children & Family Services, breeds, raises, trains and places assistance dogs with people with disabilities or other life challenges. A service dog may pull a manual wheelchair, open a door, retrieve items, alert a person to sounds, offer balance assistance, provide emotional support or support a child with autism in managing their world.

SSD Puppy Raisers are the amazing volunteers who raise "service-dogs-to-be" from the age of eight weeks until they are 15 to 18 months old and are ready to receive their advanced training. Puppy Raisers provide a safe and loving environment, healthy routines, basic training and socialization opportunities, usually taking the puppy everywhere they go in their daily routine.

Puppy Raisers are asked to attend 2 to 4 training sessions per month which are located in the Harrisburg area. These include instruction classes, lectures and outings in various public arenas.

Susquehanna Service Dogs program provides the Puppy Raiser with a puppy (usually 8 weeks old), crate, bowl, leash, collar with ID tag, harness, annual dog license as well as ongoing veterinary care and training advice. Puppy Sitters are also provided to give a break to dedicated Puppy Raiser families on weekends or other times as necessary. The Puppy Raiser provides a positive environment, enthusiasm for training, transport to vet appointments and a good quality dog food (suggestions for variety is made by SSD). 24-hour guidance is available by the SSD professional team. Susquehanna Service Dogs is partially funded through the United Way of the Capital Region and is certified by Assistance Dogs International.

Susquehanna Service Dogs needs puppy raisers!

If you are interested in this incredibly rewarding volunteer opportunity please go visit our website: and fill out an application to become a Puppy Raiser volunteer. When your application is received, SSD professional staff will contact you to set up an interview at your home. Upon approval, you will be pulled very quickly into the never dull world of Puppy Raising. If you have questions, please call (717) 599-5920.

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