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Book Signing: Midtown Scholar Bookstore
May 12th, 11 am – 1pm

(Harrisburg, PA, April 26, 2010) This book is a “must have” for men and women challenged by the stresses of dealing with their mental illness on a daily basis.  Steeped in wrenching accounts  that highlight successful journeys to full recovery, RECOVERY IN OUR OWN WORDS provides the power and inspiration for others to continue striving for a more typical, stable and rewarding life.  Families of those with mental illness will find this collection of stories a beacon of hope as it provides a greater understanding of the feelings faced by loved ones while managing and living with this often debilitating illness.

Scheduled for May 12th from 11am - 2pm at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore at 1302 Third Street in Harrisburg, the book signing of RECOVERY IN OUR OWN WORDS was planned in recognition of May as National Health Month and in tribute to those individuals and families who are touched by the challenges of mental illness. The authors of this recently published anthology will be present to autograph books and answer questions. Light refreshments will be served.

The courageous men and women who authored this book are all part of the Leadership Council of Keystone Community Mental Health Services (KCMHS). Each has successfully waged his/her own battle against the stresses of living with a mental illness. Now working as Peer Support Specialists, all are effectively assisting other men and women in their struggles to manage comparable conditions. Peer Support is the part of the Recovery Model which promotes the viability of a typical life in the community by better understanding and managing medications, and by setting and working toward realistic goals, all guided by those who have personal experience with the journey to recovery.  Armed with hard-earned credibility, Keystone’s Peer Support Specialists are uniquely prepared with real-life suggestions and guidance to strengthen men and women as they work to remain in their homes and work environments while facing the challenges of their mental illness.

While offering comfort and hope to individuals struggling with mental illness, RECOVERY IN OUR OWN WORDS discusses the “Ten Steps to Recovery” from a clinical perspective and then shares each author’s deeply personal account of his/her journey to recovery. The book is also illustrated with stirring photographs taken by Elizabeth Heimel-Heck, a Peer Support Specialist.

Keystone Community Mental Health Services is a nonprofit agency of Keystone Human Services which has been providing life-altering support to men and women throughout Central Pennsylvania for over three decades. KCMHS offers a wide range of support specifically addressing each persons needs from life in a community-based home to a few hours of support in one’s own home.  KCMHS also offers vocational guidance and support through the Gateway Employment Program. Long an acknowledged leader in mental health services, KCMHS provides a broad spectrum of community-based services in  Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry and Franklin/Fulton counties, as well as in Carroll County, MD.

For more information about the book signing of RECOVERY IN OUR OWN WORDSor concerning programs and services of Keystone Community Mental Health Services, contact Mike Grier, Executive Director at mgrier @ or 717-558-8450.

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