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Kind Caregivers

Thursday, April 19, 2007/The Patriot-News

Since there has recently been much adverse publicity regarding facilities/residences and individuals who care for the disabled, I feel it is important for the public to know there are kind, competent and "underpaid" caregivers, who take care of our "special family member."

I am a parent of a handicapped child, who resides in a Keystone Residence group home. The staff is responsible for getting them to work, personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, laundry, appointments, feeding, entertaining, transportation, mediating, socialization and dealing with families.

Families must keep open communication with the staff. If I have a concern, it is expressed to a staff member, who then passes it to a supervisor and I am contacted. Relatives should visit a family member and become as involved in his/her life as possible.

Thanks to the many caregivers and my daughter's staff in particular. Their work is appreciated. Here is hoping the governor's proposal will give them a much deserved pay raise.


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