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Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week

On behalf of Keystone Human Services Leadership, in recognition of Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week, I would like to extend my appreciation to all of Keystone Human Services' direct support professionals and those who work directly to support the people who rely on Keystone's programs and services.

This is a nationally recognized week, proclaimed by state governors across the United States, including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, and Delaware Governor Jack Markell. It's part of ANCOR's (American Network of Community Options and Resources) National Advocacy Campaign in support of professionals like you who support people with disabilities to thrive in their communities. In Pennsylvania, PAR (Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disability) is in the midst of their #WeAreWorthIt campaign, advocating for direct support professionals and the people you support, because you and the work you do is worth it.

The Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association (RCPA), Connecticut Community Providers Association (CCPA), the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits, and the Delaware Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (DelARF) also recognize the dedication and integral role direct support professionals play within the community and are ensuring the state legislatures understand that importance.

The service you provide is so much more than a job. You support people to live meaningful lives in the community. To the individuals you support, you are an advocate, a guide to community resources, a teacher, and a friend who walks beside them as they pursue their goals and dreams. You build a relationship, a human connection that affects every aspect of people's lives. The work you do is important and makes a big difference, not only in the lives of the people you support, but in the lives of families and everyone you interact with.

Since 1972, Keystone has envisioned a future of inclusion, where all people are valued and have opportunities to share their gifts with the community. As you support individuals in their daily lives, you are helping to create a more inclusive community and making the world a safer place for all of us.

Thank you for your dedication.

Charles Hooker
Senior Vice President
Keystone Human Services

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