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President of Keystone Human Services Honored to share world stage at 2007 Clinton Global Initiative

Dennis Felty, President, KHS

Global leaders convene to solve world's most pressing challenges

(Harrisburg, PA - September 29 2007) - Dennis Felty, President and founder of Keystone Human Services, has just returned from the annual Clinton Global Initiative Convention in New York City “with an admittedly heightened sense of global purpose.”…which is saying something for a human services pioneer who has already dedicated his life and career to changing the world.

Requiring a personal invitation to become a Member, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is a “non-partisan catalyst of action, bringing together a community of global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges.”

“These last three days have been exhilarating beyond words,” reflects Felty, a widely respected innovator who, since his nascent days at Harrisburg State Hospital in the 1970s, has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of community-based services for vulnerable children and adults the world over.

Felty continues, “To be sitting aside heads of state and world-renowned change agents to further a global humanitarian mission that is so closely linked to Keystone's was inspiring to my very core.”

“No culture, not even an affluent one like ours, can live if it attempts to be exclusive…And in today's society, no child is safe until all children are safe.”

Some of the more recognizable attendees at CGI included such dignitaries as the Presidents and Prime Ministers of Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Columbia, Netherlands, New Guinea, Tanzania, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Spain, etc. etc. … in addition to past presidents, ambassadors and luminaries such as Tony Blair, Toni Morrison, Lance Armstrong and Ted Turner to name but a few.

“Vulnerability is vulnerability, regardless of its national, ecological or socio-economic origins,” continues Felty. “No culture, not even an affluent one like ours, can live if it attempts to be exclusive…And in today's society, no child is safe until all children are safe.”

Firmly committed to the premise that “the welfare of each of us is vested in the welfare of all of us,” this CGI member was deeply gratified to see the essence of Keystone's Vision acted out on the world stage.

Felty explains, “Here in America, Keystone's human service endeavor evolved from a few, groundbreaking group homes back in 1972 into a vast, comprehensive spectrum of personal supports for individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental illness and autism, as well as students, children and families at risk.

Now, as Keystone expands its global human service agenda by fostering partnerships with grass roots NGOs in developing nations, CGI is pursuing its own broader course with the same powerful objectives. In these essential ways, Keystone and CGI are targeting parallel audiences on differing scales, but with very kindred spirits.”

This year's CGI convention appointed advisory boards and committees to address the primary issues of Education, Energy and Climate Change, Global Health, and Poverty Alleviaton.

Felty concludes, “Every day, Keystone's dedicated employees commit themselves to our motto, 'advancing the human spirit.'”

“I believe The Clinton Foundation was inspired by these same ideals in creating a forum that is committed to solving the most pressing challenges of our times. By participating, every attendee is tacitly endorsing a mission that promotes a more tolerant, responsive and thus safer world for us all.”

Those interested in learning more about CGI's mission and Felty's first-hand experience at the convention can tune to Comcast Newsmakers, CN8 the last week of October.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Keystone Human Services is a non-profit agency that currently operates in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland, as well as Moldova and Russia.

Further information about CGI, a registered 501(c)3, can be accessed at Keystone Human Services can be contacted by calling (717) 232-7509 or visiting them at

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