Susan Rowell
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Susan Rowell began her career with Keystone Residence in 1979, and during her 31 years with the organization, she has held a variety of positions that support people with developmental disabilities to have full and meaningful lives. Since 1995, she has worked for Keystone as a service director for Supportive Living Services where she plays a key role in supporting people to identify their dreams, wants and desires. She believes in the power of Person Centered Planning to help individuals realize their goals and dreams. Susan has assisted Eileen Scott with the leadership of the Facilitator’s Institute for the past three years and helped facilitate several Person Centered Plans for Keystone Human Services Central PA, Keystone Community Mental Health Services (KCMHS) Supportive Living Services, and Dauphin County’s Self-Determination Initiative. Additionally, she has extensive experience as a leader and presenter in Social Role Valorization, a member of the Educator Development group, a PASSING team leader and a group leader for many Keystone Institute activities.
Elizabeth Neuville
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Elizabeth "Betsy" Neuville has served as the Executive Director of The Keystone Institute for well over a decade. She has over 25 years of experience within Keystone as a human service worker, administrator, agency director, evaluator, educator and personal advocate. She has extensive experience designing and developing supports for very vulnerable people and has developed regionally recognized leadership teams, meaningful quality measurements, and extraordinary employee development programs.
She served for many years as the Executive Director of Keystone Human Services of Lancaster, where she designed and directed supports for adults and children experiencing developmental disabilities and/or mental disorders. During this time, she assisted over 200 people to leave institutions and establish themselves as valued and contributing members of their communities. She been deeply involved with the closure of several large institutions in the US and abroad and established the use of person-centered processes to assist people to gain a vision of full, rich, community life.
Elizabeth has worked extensively with the ideas of Normalization and Social Role Valorization and provides a great deal of training and consultation nationally and internationally. She has worked in de-institutionalization and community-based service development projects in many places, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe. Betsy is fully accredited by the North American Social Role Valorization Council as a trainer of SRV.