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Keystone Human Services International Comprehensive Systems of Care for Children and Youth in the North Caucasus

Toolkit and Resource Guide

This toolkit is a collection of resources, articles, lessons, case studies and other practical guidance gathered during the Comprehensive Systems of Care for Children and Youth in the North Caucasus Project. The toolkit shares information and insights that the program experts have learned, with the intent that the professionals, families, advocates and government decision-makers supporting children with intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as the children themselves, will benefit from this work.

Background Information
Resources from North Ossetia Program
  • Manuscript on psychological support to children and adolescents
Resources from Kabardino-Balkaria Program
  • Article and resources about approaches to addressing challenges to community integration faced by children with disabilities
  • Information related to the formation and development of a government system of special education in the Russian Federation
  • Article and resources on the conditions faced by people with severe disabilities in Russia
Other CSOC Program Resources
  • Training Curricula on Social Networking & Intensive In-Home Family Therapy
  • CSOC Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Development of this toolkit was funded by Cooperative Agreement No. 118-A-00-06-00050-00 from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents of this toolkit and the opinions expressed herein are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of USAID or Keystone Human Services.

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