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Keystone Human Services International Keystone Foundation for Social Assistance to Children and Families (KFCF)

Keystone Foundation for Social Assistance to Children and Families (also known as Keystone Foundation for Children and Families - KFCF) fulfills Keystone Human Services' Mission in Russia to support the rights of all people to grow, make choices and be valued, contributing members of their communities. Established in February 2006 as a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in the Russian Federation, KFCF promotes and implements initiatives to support individuals to live full, rich and independent lives.

Children and families in Russia may face many challenges because of disabilities, poverty, abandonment, institutionalization and other difficult social situations. By providing community-based services for children and families facing these challenges, KFCF seeks to enhance individuals' independence and increase their participation in their community. These community-based alternatives to institutionalization, including early intervention, school inclusion, family preservation, values-based education and consultation programs, continue to open opportunities for individuals to grow and develop.

Keystone's relationships with Russia and Russian professionals reach back to a rich foundation of sharing ideas and expertise. In 2004, a group of Russian professionals were visiting Keystone when we learned about the school hostage crisis in Beslan. Responding to the need for experienced mental health professionals, we sent a team to train and assist Russian support staff in supporting children and families affected by the tragedy. Since then our relationships with Russian professionals have grown through our continued collaborations, where we continue a rich cultural dialogue and share ideas and practices about community-based services.

Read about our past programs in Russia.

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