February 2010 to present

We have a vision of a world where all people, regardless of ability, are accepted and lead full, active lives in their communities. Instead of living in institutions, individuals join the community with a positive vision of the future, a future of a true home, belonging, freely-given relationships and valued social roles.

For the individuals living in the institution at Carpenisu in Giurgiu County, Romania, this vision of the future will become a reality. Through funding from the Open Society Mental Health Initiative, Keystone Human Services International is providing consultation and training to nongovernmental organization Pro-ACT and Romanian professionals to provide them with the tools to develop a community-based system of services and supports.

As Romanian professionals gain knowledge about valued social roles and the importance of individualized, person-centered plans, they will increase their capacity to support individuals with disabilities. When the men, women and young adults living in the institutions rejoin their communities, they will work with Romanian professionals to develop unique, individual visions of a full, rich community life, including home, employment, education, spirituality, relationships, community and civic life, and personal growth.

With this new set of tools and knowledge for providing community-based services, Romanian professionals are joining in our vision of a community of inclusion, where all people, regardless of ability, have the opportunity to pursue their hopes, dreams and goals and live in a community where they are afforded dignity, respect and acceptance.