January 7-8, 2021
Gathering the Vision and Packing for the Journey There
Venue: TBD, in Central Odisha
Time: 9:30 am–5:00 pm each day
Collaborating Partners: The National Trust, RIST, the All India SRV Network, and The Hans Foundation
Lead Faculty: Elizabeth Neuville
Language: Primarily in English with limited capacity of Odia or Hindi

This two-day session is for colleagues and organizational leaders and staff in coastal Odisha districts who have participated in our sessions revisiting the past, sharing the current scenario, and visioning a positive future. We will gather, hopefully in person and in Odisha, to equip each other to move towards a positive future through sharing major idea frameworks which many families, people with disability, organizations, and advocates have found strengthening and fortifying. We will share each group’s vision, and work together to create a shared sense of urgency and capacity that together, we are better.

Registration (Open To): Leaders, emerging leaders, families and people with disability associated with organizations across the coastal areas of Odisha who attended one of our 3 preparation sessions
Capacity: 30
Registration Contact: Ms. Shalini Ekka sekka@keystonehumanservices.org
May 4-7, 2021
Valued Lives: An Invitational Course on Social Role Valorization (SRV 4.0)
Venue: TBD
Location: TBD
Time: 9:30 am–5:30 pm each day
India Collaborating Partners: Rural India Supporting Trust, The Hans Foundation, & The National Trust

Valued Lives: An Invitational Course on Social Role Valorization will be held May 4-7 in a city yet to be determined. This body of knowledge was offered in India for the first time in 2016, and the impact was immense. SRV theory is influencing the development of inclusive lives for people with disability in powerful ways. This is a residential certification course offered only to selected leaders and emerging professionals, family members, and advocates. It is a theory course, and will be followed by opportunities to implement, build on, and use the ideas in practice. It is our intention to build on the community of SRV practice currently across India. Selection for this course will be determined by an “invitation to apply” issued to leaders and emerging leaders known to us, and applications will be considered based on many factors. Costs for the course as well as most travel costs are highly subsidized, making it possible for those selected to attend.

This course will include multi-media presentation, small and large group reflection and discussion, and resource materials. Participants should be prepared for significant segments of presentation as well as group work.

Registration: Contact Ms. Shalini Ekka sekka@keystonehumanservices.org for more information about the “invitation to apply”