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The Impact of COVID-19 on People with Developmental Disability and their Families: Perceptions of Families, Allies, Advocates, and Professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic poses both great threat and great opportunity for people with developmental disability, their families, allies, advocates, professionals, and service agencies. On the one hand, people who are already vulnerable face heightened vulnerabilities and marginalization during the lockdown, and many existing service agencies face the possibility of scaling back or closing down. However, this health crisis has also revealed unexpected gains and advantages for people with disability and presents an opportunity to redesign support to be individualized, relevant, and integrated into typical life.

Through a series of study groups and a forum, as well as partnerships with organizations and families across India, Keystone Institute India has developed a report identifying major themes and further questions for study and action as we all seek to understand the impact of COVID-19 and build a better, more inclusive India.

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Keystone's mission in India is to improve the lives of people with disability across India and to energize a growing national movement toward a more just and inclusive Indian society where all people are valued and belong.

Keystone Institute India, a project of Keystone Human Services in India, serves as a catalyst for developing a service system in India that better safeguards vulnerable people, respects the voices and perspectives of people with disability and their families, and facilitates India's movement toward a society where all people have possibilities and potential and all matter.

A Movement of Change

We seek partners and collaborators to work alongside us and with people with developmental and psychosocial disabilities. Together, we join a movement of change and provide opportunities for people to experience home, friends, family, work, and full participation in the community. Keystone Institute India provides extensive consultation and education around developing responsive, effective, and inclusive supports to help move toward belonging, acceptance, and a rich community life.

A History of Inclusive Practice

We offer intensive workshops and presentations on promising practices and ideas, and offer ongoing consultation and guidance in implementation strategies. As part of Keystone Human Services, we have over 45 years of technical expertise and practical experience in community-based services for people with disability. Our faculty and associate faculty bring rich knowledge and experience in developing culturally-relevant services and supports, and envisioning all the possibilities of a full life where people with disability enjoy all the good things that come with home, school, livelihoods, and participation in the community.

Connections That Matter

We develop and prepare emerging leaders to work toward community development, inclusive support, and integration instead of segregation.

We connect organizations and people throughout India and the world who are doing promising work to assist people with disability to take their place in society.

Together, we are working to develop an inclusive society, where all people belong and are invited to participate in all the community has to offer.

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