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Keystone Human Services International Highlights

Keystone Human Services International and The Hans Foundation Collaborate to Create the Keystone Institute India to Improve the Lives of People with Disabilities

With a strong sense of purpose, we’re beginning a new partnership with The Hans Foundation to strengthen the inclusion of people with disabilities in community life in India. This partnership establishes the Keystone Institute India, an educational institute on disability, community, and innovation.

Over the next three years, the Keystone Institute India will work alongside families, people with disabilities, advocates, and allied organizations to enhance the lives of people with disabilities, bring communities together, and develop responsive supports so people with disabilities can enjoy meaningful lives in their communities.

Read the press release

Read Keystone Human Services International’s Blog

By following the KHSI blog, you’ll learn about our most recent endeavors. You’ll read about our trips to provide consultation to professionals in Azerbaijan and our recent delegation of visiting professionals through the Open World Leadership Center, as well as videos and photos from the Community for All-Moldova program. The blog offers an additional window into our work to advance the human spirit of people across the globe. We hope that by reading our blog, you’ll begin to see that people around the world have much in common, including a vision of a world where all people are welcomed into the community.

Read KHSI’s blog

You can also read Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association’s blog to learn more about how Keystone Moldova supports children and families.

Read Keystone Moldova’s blog

Community for All-Moldova

Through the Community for All-Moldova program, children with disabilities are being supported to join their communities. Many children have left the institution at Orhei and are now receiving services through the newly developed community-based services. More children have been able to stay in their own homes with their families rather than be placed in an institution, and some children are even being supported to attend their community’s regular school.

In addition, the community is being encouraged to respect and accept all people, regardless of ability. The Joint Media Strategy Group is promoting social inclusion by increasing the community’s acceptance of all people. Designed to coordinate with the Community for All-Moldova program, the Joint Media Strategy Group is working to demonstrate the similarities between all people, by promoting clear, positive messages in the media and encouraging community acceptance.

Implemented by Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association, the Community for All-Moldova program is funded by the Open Society Mental Health Initiative and the Soros Foundation-Moldova, and the Joint Media Strategy Group is funded by the Open Society Health Media Initiative.

Learn more about Community for All-Moldova and the Joint Media Strategy Group.

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