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The Open World Eurasian Countries Hosting Program opens a rich cultural dialogue between professionals from diverse countries and backgrounds. As part of Keystone Human Services International’s vision of creating a safer world for all people, we are forming a network of professionals worldwide who have a mutual understanding of ideas and practices to assist individuals in assuming valued roles in the community.

We hosted our first delegation from Azerbaijan in 2009, focusing the visit around the social issues and challenges faced by persons with disabilities. Taking a human rights approach, the Azerbaijani delegation observed an array of community-based supports designed to enhance each person’s potential and respect their fundamental human rights. Through shared knowledge and experience, Azerbaijani professionals gained ideas and practices they can adapt and apply to their own work.

These professional exchanges allow Keystone Human Services International to build long-term relationships with Azerbaijani professionals, sharing ideas, practices and experiences and joining in a global dialogue of advancing the human spirit of all people.

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