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Intellectual Disabilities Services Services

Adult Day Services

To enhance personal fulfillment and growth, Adult Day Services provides opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism to participate in recreational activities, volunteer or attend community events.

Behavior Support Services

Located in the State of Delaware, Behavior Support Services are designed to increase individuals’ independence and inclusion in family and community life by increasing their adaptive behaviors and functional skills. Each person receives an individualized plan based on their strengths, challenges, and goals.

Employment Services

Supported Employment
Individuals receive support to successfully find and maintain a job. Services include assistance with finding employment, job coaching, or developing a personal business.

Health Services

Health Services provides support to individuals to ensure they receive adequate and timely health care. Health Services includes preventative health care and coordination with medical appointments, and our specialized nurses are on call 24/7. This service is available in the State of Delaware. In Pennsylvania, Health Services is included in other support services.


Lifesharing Thru Family Living
Men and women live with host families who have opened their homes to provide supports and share their lives. Individuals increase their skills in daily living activities while engaging in a typical family life.

Residential Services

Community Homes
Community Homes provide support to individuals to live in a home within their community. Services are individualized based on each person’s needs and may include increasing skills in personal care, household management, money management, and meal planning and cooking, as well as building relationships and developing hobbies. Community Homes are known as Residential Services in the State of Delaware.
Independent Living Services
Each person receives services in the community while living in their own home. Individuals receive support in financial management, health care, community education, socialization and housing-related skills.
Individual and Family Support Services
Individuals receive support in their own home or in their family’s home. Our professional staff provide support to increase people’s self-sufficiency, socialization, and adaptive skills. The number of hours of support varies depending on each person’s needs.
Supported Living
Each person receives supports in their own home or apartment or in a home or apartment rented by Keystone Human Services. Individuals work with a team of support specialists to develop an individualized, person-centered plan based on that person’s goals and interests.


Respite Services provide temporary support on a scheduled basis or in the event of a family emergency. While using Respite, individuals continue to receive the individualized supports they need, whether in their own home or in a community setting.

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