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Intellectual Disabilities Services Person Centered Planning

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Person Centered Planning is an exciting planning process for bringing people together around a person, a family, a team, or an issue, to help create a vision of a desirable future and to work together toward making that vision a reality.

Person Centered Planning means empowering people and their families, schools and their communities, work teams, and their organizations, to identify what is important to them and provide the support needed to develop a more desirable, effective, and meaningful future.

Powerful Tools for Change

The Person Centered Planning process is brought to life with the use of a variety of tools and skilled facilitation. All the tools have distinct features and are founded on the principles of empowerment, inclusion, belonging, and community building. Some of these tools include:

… just to name a few.

It is important to understand the distinctions between all the tools. A skilled facilitator can guide a person, team, family or organization in deciding which tool would assist them in their planning.

With these tools, it is possible to assist in the development of more meaningful futures and valued social roles for people and organizations. Some examples are facilitating the inclusion of a child with a disability into a typical classroom and establishing support, or discovering the meaning of home for a person and assisting that person to create the circumstances necessary to achieve that dream. Other examples could be team building or personal/professional lifestyle planning.

At Keystone, our focus is on developing person centered supports. We do this through:

  • Facilitation of the tools in the Person Centered Planning process (MAPS, PATH, Personal Futures Planning, Essential Lifestyle Planning, Whole Life Planning, Solution Circles, Circle of Friends, and many more.)
  • Training and education in the principles, tools, and process of Person Centered Planning incorporating the concepts of Self Determination and Social Role Valorization.
  • Team building
  • Workshops for future facilitators

Person Centered Planning Resources

Inclusion Press
Inclusion Press is a small, independent printing press that publishes materials on Inclusion, Diversity, Community Building, MAPS, PATH, etc. for all people.
Grove Consultants International
Grove Consultants International provides materials and workshops for team building, organizational development, graphic planning, etc.
Capacity Works
Website authored by Dr. Beth Mount that provides materials on the Person Centered Planning process and Personal Futures Planning Tool.
Michael Smull
Information regarding the Person Centered Planning process; specifically surrounding the Essential Lifestyle Planning tool.
Eileen E. Scott
Article featured in the Self Determination Express newsletter, "What Exactly is Person Centered Planning?"
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