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Recent Study Visits

Russia to United States
Supporting Young Adults and Children in the Community
April 25-28, 2016
Open World Alumni and Representative from Vladimir Smirnov Foundation

The study visit focused on best practices in serving children and young adults leaving large institutions and transitioning into community-based services, specifically family foster care and supportive living. The program offered education in providing behavioral support, life skills, inclusion education, and vocational training to individuals with disabilities, as well as developing individualized service plans. Participants were introduced to early intervention services, host homes, and a transition age program.

India to Moldova
An Everyday Life: Moving Toward a More Inclusive Society for People with Disabilities
June 27-July 3, 2015
The Hans Foundation and Rural India Supporting Trust’s visit to Keystone Moldova

Keystone Moldova hosted members of The Hans Foundation and the Rural India Supporting Trust for a preliminary study visit to see the services offered in Moldova for people with intellectual disabilities. This follows the study visit to India by four members of Keystone Human Services’ leadership team in February 2015 and further contributes to the development of a collaborative plan for future partnership between these organizations.

The program was organized by Keystone Moldova and Keystone Human Services International. Keystone Moldova’s management and program staff hosted the team for the entire week.

The purpose of this visit was to continue the conversation about ways Keystone can assist The Hans Foundation and Rural India Supporting Trust in promoting the development of responsive, individualized, community-based supports for people with autism, intellectual disabilities, and those in need of mental health services in India. It was a rich week of learning and exchange of ideas. The program also included time for debriefing with the Keystone team regarding recommendations for next steps.

Moldova to United States
Research on the Legal Capacity of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
March 2-11, 2015

Keystone Human Services in the United States was selected as one of the most important specialized NGOs in providing support for persons with intellectual disabilities by the researcher, who through previous work experience with Keystone Moldova, was familiar with the service models applied by the organization in the Republic of Moldova.

The study focused on Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which Moldova ratified by Law No. 166 – XVIII from 09.07.2010, and is one of the country’s priorities. Due to the afferent gaps in Moldova’s national legislation, it was considered essential to research and analyze the best international practices for providing support in exercising the legal capacity for persons with intellectual disabilities and people with mental health challenges.

The research study will present two of the best practices in granting support in exercising legal capacity; will offer the best solutions for Moldova in the elaboration of the afferent modification to internal regulations; and will realize a motorization meeting with the specialized internal organizations, especially civil society, for every study visit so the ideas of studies will have an extended impact for all the specialized subjects.

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