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InterAction - American Council for Voluntary International Action

In March 2009, Keystone became a member of InterAction, the largest coalition of U.S.-based international development and humanitarian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Formed in 1984, InterAction now has over 170 members working in nearly every developing country to overcome poverty, exclusion and suffering and to advance social justice and basic dignity for all people. In communities throughout the world, members are creating and expanding opportunities for individuals in the areas of education, business, health care and many more.

Dedicated to serving the world’s poor and most vulnerable people, InterAction promotes partnership and leadership among its member private voluntary organizations (PVOs) to unite its members in a common cause to increase the self-reliance, justice and peace in the world.

Each year, the U.S. public contributes $6 billion in support of advancing the programs of InterAction and its members, and InterAction in turn advocates for greater U.S. government investments in humanitarian efforts and policies and programs that address the challenges faced by many individuals throughout the world.

Keystone and the other members of InterAction adhere to InterAction’s Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) Standards, a financial, operational and ethical code of conduct that governs the work of InterAction and its member organizations. These standards ensure the integrity, quality and effectiveness of member organizations and their programs.

View InterAction’s PVO Standards

Membership in InterAction provides Keystone with a valuable opportunity to join a community of NGOs that are dedicated to preserving human dignity and fostering environments where individuals can be participating and contributing members of the community. We are committed to serving the world’s most vulnerable populations.

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