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Keystone’s Global Vision

Through our years of research and experience providing community-based human services, we have recognized our deep obligation to serve as a change agent and share our experience with others. It takes a strong network of human services resources to address the full weight of humanity’s most pressing issues and advance the human spirit of people across the globe. Many individual components must come together to support each other and build toward a common goal.

By forging global partnerships, Keystone Human Services (KHS) can support international initiatives that both complement and extend beyond the support provided by Keystone Human Services International. Through these global connections, such as partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international professional exchanges, and campaigns to raise awareness, KHS can serve more people around the world and also benefit from an expansive network of resources. These initiatives are an important facet of our services as we continually strive toward improved and innovative ways to advance the human spirit.

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