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Keystone Global Vision

Keystone at the Apex

Dramatically altering the face of design and technical engineering, the arch is one of the most important developments in architectural history. Instead of singular support beams separately bearing the weight of a structure, the arch employs many individual units, relying on each other to both support themselves and sustain the entire structure. Locking each stone into position in an arch or vault is the keystone, which not only is the centermost component of the structure but also marks the arch's highest point, or apex. The keystone is an absolutely indispensible component of any vaulted support structure, for without it the structure will collapse.

Keystone Human Services continually strives to reach the apex of services supporting human life and advancing the human spirit. We recognize that a true keystone of human services must unite individual structures across the globe, providing support and being supported by the organizations that surround us. To build the strongest possible network of human services resources – a structure prepared to bear the weight of humanity's most pressing issues – many individual components must come together to support each other and build towards the common goal. By forging new global partnerships, Keystone can support international initiatives to both complement and extend beyond the support provided by Keystone Human Services International organizations.

Global Partnerships

Because all of its elements support each other, an arch can span much greater distances than can individual pillars. Through global connections, such as partnerships with NGOs, international professional exchanges and campaigns to raise awareness, Keystone can serve more people around the world than ever before – and also benefit from an expansive network of resources.

Through our years of research and experience providing community-based human services, we have recognized a deep obligation to serve as a change agent, sharing our experience with others both individually and within public policy and human services philosophy. Continuing global initiatives are an important facet of our services as we strive to be at the apex of a growing human services structure, always building towards improved and innovative ways of advancing the human spirit.

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