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A Word from the President

January 14, 2010

Our Thoughts Go Out to the People of Haiti

Dennis W. Felty
Dennis W. Felty
President, KHS

Late afternoon on January 12, one of the worst earthquakes to hit the region in over 200 years struck Haiti. Hospitals, hotels, Haiti's National Palace and countless homes collapsed, and tens of thousands of people have been injured or killed. At least one-third of Haiti's population has been affected by the earthquake, and its effects are being felt around the world.

We are part of a global community, and when disaster hits one of us, we are all affected. Many of us have friends and family members who directly or indirectly felt the impact of this catastrophe. Our thoughts go out to the people of Haiti and their loved ones.

There are many organizations that are providing disaster relief for the people of Haiti. If you would like to contribute to the disaster relief effort, the Clinton Foundation lists links to several agencies that are providing immediate relief and long-term support. InterAction's website also lists many of our fellow InterAction members who are accepting donations or other contributions. The U.S. Department of State website contains links for people who are seeking information about family and friends in Haiti.

We offer our thoughts and prayers to everyone who has been affected by the earthquake in Haiti. With so many people around the globe offering care and support, there is hope for those now facing the challenges of picking up their lives in the aftermath.


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