Supportive Employment offers job-related counseling and problem-solving intervention, as well as emotional support, to adults age 18 or older so they can successfully find and maintain long-term competitive employment.

Supported Employment offers support in the following areas:

  • Job search
  • Job exploration
  • Job retention
  • Development of daily living activities
  • Development of work skills
  • Transportation training
  • Facilitation of coworker and co-agency involvement
  • Personal finances or budgeting
  • Development and guidance of employment-related social skills

An employment specialist works directly with each person, and together, they develop a resume, find potential employers, submit applications, and practice interview skills. Specific job development varies based on each person’s areas of interest and aptitude.

Before a person’s job search begins, Supportive Employment may be used to provide one or more work assessments at a Transitional Employment site or a business in the community. These Community Based Work Assessments give individuals the opportunity to gain firsthand experience at a competitive job to see if it is something they wish to pursue as a career. The assessment also gives the employment specialist the opportunity to see a person’s work skills and behavior in a real work environment. During the assessment, the individual may or may not be paid and may visit several sites.

Once an individual gains competitive employment, the employment specialist may provide on-site job coaching, off-site mentoring, or a combination of both, depending on the individual’s needs and wishes. Over time, the individual’s natural supports take the place of the employment specialist.

To be eligible for Supportive Employment, individuals must be stable, be physically capable of working, and be motivated to work. Each person must sign a release of information to receive documentation of a disability and vocational information. The service will end when Gateway Employment Group and the individual agree that the person can maintain competitive employment without further support.

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