Provided by Intellectual Disabilities Services

Every person who has the desire to work should have the opportunity to be employed in gainful and meaningful employment. Supported Employment provides individuals with intellectual disabilities with the support they need to find and maintain a job.

Discovery is an important part of the customized employment process. Through discovery, we learn who an individual is, under what conditions they do their best work, and what potential contributions they can make for employers. This process is beneficial if an individual is unable to compete with others against the demands of a job. The evaluation is completed using a hands-on approach. Discovery is a foundation to employment planning and helps to customize employment opportunities.

We work closely with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to support individuals in their employment goals. When an individual expresses interest in becoming competitively employed, the supports coordinator refers them to OVR, which evaluates that person for employment. If the person is approved, they select their provider and begin the job seeking process. Those who are not approved by OVR may use Medicaid waiver funds for employment supports.