Dave, a young man who has Asperger’s, has experienced both success and disappointment in various jobs. Work became stressful when communicating with coworkers became difficult. Having recently moved to the Chester area from Pittsburgh, Dave was determined to secure a new job.

He enrolled in the Adult Community Autism Program through Keystone Autism Services. With support from Keystone and his family, he prepared a résumé, worked on his interview skills, and maintained his focus on finding a job. He explored his new community to find the right match for what he wanted to do. After submitting some applications and interviewing with a few employers, he got a call from Genaurdi’s to come in for an interview for an online order filler position.

Dave got the job at Genaurdi’s, and that was just a starting point for future success. He excelled at his job and earned a great deal of praise from the store management. The store manager said that he wished he had ten Daves working for him because he was so reliable and dependable.

Dave also worked on building a better rapport with his coworkers. When he needed Keystone’s or his family’s support to communicate with them, he called on us for help. Soon, his natural supports developed at work, and he started making friends. In fact, he formed a bowling team with some of his coworkers and joined a local league. Work helped Dave not only earn income, but also find new friends in his new town.

When Giant acquired Genaurdi’s, Dave took the opportunity to apply for a cashier position. He enjoys talking with customers, and the position gave him more flexibility. He got the cashier position and continued to do well at Giant. A few months after moving to his new position, he was promoted to a Front End Lead position, where he supervises the cashiers and baggers working at Giant.

Dave is happy to be working in a friendly place and with his growth at the store. “I feel like King Dave,” he said.