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Employment Resource Center Success Stories

Transitioning to Work Amber’s Story

My disability had prevented me from working, but as it began to improve, I found myself bored, and my life lacked goals or direction. I was unsure about returning to work, so I participated in a transition-to-work program as a way to try work out again.

I enjoyed the program very much. I reinforced my existing skills and developed new ones, all while making new friends and meeting a variety of new people. Working gave my life a direction and a purpose. I had a reason to get up in the morning and people who benefitted and depended on the contributions I made at my job.

The transition program went so well that I pursued full-time temporary employment, which became full-time permanent employment within a year and led to a promotion a year later. Of course, the independence of having my own source of income is great, but the primary benefits of working are less material. I have made friends and good network resources with my coworkers, have opportunities to meet and work with a wide variety of people whom I would not have encountered outside of work, and have been able to enjoy the feelings of fulfillment that come from doing a job well and having work I can be proud of.

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