After graduating from high school, Tameka attended a sheltered workshop with the goal of gaining work experience that would help her find a job in the community. Five years later, however, she was still at the workshop. Bored and unhappy, she wanted a real, competitive job.

Everyone who supports Tameka believes that she can do whatever she puts her mind to. As she and her support team explored employment options, they discovered that she is interested in caregiving, customer service, and fashion, design, and beauty.

Tameka began exploring these career options by shadowing a beauty salon where she had the opportunity to wash the owner’s hair. The owner said that she had a natural talent for properly massaging the scalp when washing hair. Because of this discovery, Tameka’s employment specialist supported her to audit a class on shampoo and scalp massage at the Barber Styling Institute.

In addition to pursuing her interest in beauty, Tameka explored caregiving. She scheduled an informational interview at a gymnastics school. While touring the school, the owner realized that having a teacher’s assistant would be very helpful and offered Tameka a job on the spot. Her Life Sharing family and the rest of her support team were able to assist her with transportation so she can go to her job one night per week, as well as to her class.

Tameka has a job that has room for expansion, and she has furthered her education. At the Barber Styling Institute, she took the three-and-a-half-week curriculum chapter on shampoo and scalp massage. When she took the test, she got a perfect score and received a certificate recognizing her education in the area of shampoo and scalp massage.