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“Flying Ladies”
Lecture & Artist's Commentary

fine art photographic work by
Dennis Felty
Hood ornament - flying lady
September 30, 2010 5:30 pm
Messiah College
Parmer Cinema in Boyer Hall
Dennis Felty will present his fine art photographic work titled “Flying Ladies” recently exhibited at the Miami Design Preservation League in South Beach, Florida.

The lecture, including an exhibit of 20 original works of art, will explore the connections between the streamlining movement of the 1930s as expressed in the design elements of aerodynamics, speed, and efficiency in automobiles, aircraft, trains, industry, fashion, architecture and its ultimate connection to the global eugenics movement.

The eugenics movement dominated the first half of the 20th Century and resulted in the incarceration and segregation of millions of persons perceived as being “defective”. The lecture will explore the implications of these powerful themes for our current time and their relevance to vulnerable people and our ultimate obligation to each other.
Dennis Felty

Artist Bio

Refreshments will be served in the atrium of Boyer Hall from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

Lecture will be offered in Parmer Cinema in Boyer Hall from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm with a question and answer period to follow.
Head shot of Joyce Davis   Joyce Davis, President of the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg, will serve as emcee for the evening.
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This event is a presentation of Keystone Human Services
in partnership with Messiah College and
the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg.
Dennis W. Felty
Fine Art Photographer


Dennis Felty is a native of central Pennsylvania has been a serious fine art photographer all his life. Dennis has presented his work regionally, in many one man shows and has conducted major photographic & video projects in India, People's Republic of China, Romania, South Africa, Moldova and Russia.

Dennis received a Telly award for his work in the Russian Documentary “From Tyranny to Truth”. Other projects include photographing people living in state institutions for the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Retardation as well as an essay on families for the Pennsylvania Office of Children & Youth.

Dennis has conducted photographic essays on children living in orphanages and psychiatric hospitals in Russia, China and Moldova as well as children living in hidden societies in the underground sewers and tunnels of Bucharest Romania.

Dennis is an accomplished portrait photographer and has studied with Joyce Tennyson, Connie Imboden and Arnold Newman.

Dennis has exhibited major works including “The Soul of Coney Island”, exploring the themes of the Carnival, and “Of Flesh & Stone” an exploration of the powerful role of sensuality in memorial art in the cemeteries of Paris, Milan, Rome, Genova and Moscow.

Dennis is the Founding President of Keystone Human Services and has served as an Officer and pilot in the US Air Force. Dennis is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and a member of the FICE International Federal Council. He has served in many other leadership and volunteer positions in both community and professional organizations including Immediate Past Board President of the Susquehanna Art Museum and founding board member of the Open Stage of Harrisburg.

Dennis' work may be viewed on his web site