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Children and Family Services

Early Intervention Services - Supporting children and families to grow and reach their fullest potential. - Child smiles for camera.
Capital Area Head Start - Providing childcare opportunities to give children a head start in life. - Child seated in bean bag chair holds a book and smiles for the camera.
Family Preservation and Reunification Services - Strengthening families to stay together. - Woman and child holding Dora doll sit closely and smile for camera
Susquehanna Service Dogs - Training service dogs to assist children, families and adults to live full, independent lives. - Girl rests head on black Lab as they both lay on the floor.
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Who We Are

Children and Family Services enhances the well-being of children and families through interventions and education to give families hope for meaningful participation throughout life.

Young girl seated at table plays with tinker toys and smiles for the camera

What We Do

We provide services to children and families, including Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services, Early Intervention Services, Comprehensive Autism Evaluations, Therapeutic Foster Care, Family Based Mental Health Services and Family Preservation and Reunification Services.

Young boy smiles for the camera

Children & Family Services is an integrated delivery system for services geared towards children and families. Using an innovative, multi-dimensional and holistic approach, Children & Family Services provides a variety of therapies, services and supports to help children succeed with their family, at home, at school and in the community.

Several of Keystone Human Services' acclaimed agencies integrated to form Children & Family Services. The division provides therapy services and education services to strengthen children and their families in their own communities as they strive to achieve immediate and long-term success. Children and families who are facing the challenges of behavior disorder, mental illness, physical disability, autism or an intellectual disability, or those who have a low income can take advantage of Children & Family Services, which includes Capital Area Head Start and Susquehanna Service Dogs.

Service Spotlight

Family Preservation and Reunification Services

Living at home and growing up with their family is often the best place for children. Children and families thrive when they’re together, strengthening the families’ ties. Through Family Preservation and Reunification, families are supported to stay together.

Keystone Human Services Children and Family Services offers two types of services to support families, Family Preservation and Family Reunification. Both services provide intensive, in-home supports that assist families in crisis to stay together. Family Preservation Services focuses on keeping families intact rather than removing a child from the home. Family Reunification Services reunites children who have been living outside the home with their families. The services operate in a collaborative way so that everyone involved in goal planning receives support, whether it is a foster family, adoptive family, friend, relative, provider, etc. The hope is that, as a team, everyone can work together to strengthen and stabilize the family.

Our professionals work with families to identify and reduce risks that may cause children to have to live outside of their home. Supports are individualized, based on the family’s strengths and needs.

Learn more about Family Preservation and Reunification Services.

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