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Keystone Autism Services

Supporting Men and Women to Achieve Their Goals - Read stories of men and women who have successfully achieved their goals through the support of the Adult Community Autism Program. - Learn more - Two men dressed in fishing garb stand near river and smile for the camera as younger man holds up fish.
Resources on Autism Spectrum Disorders - Access resources on Autism Spectrum Disorders at home and in the community - Learn more - Young woman walks on treadmill as another woman looks on.
Network Provider Directory - We work with high quality health care providers who understand and respect the needs of men and women with Autism Spectrum Disorders. - Learn more - Young man leans against pool table and smiles for the camera
Adult Community Autism Program - ACAP provides flexible, comprehensive services for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders to support them to reach their goals and live independent, meaningful lives in the community. - Learn more - Young man seated at table with laptop smiles for the camera
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Who We Are

Keystone Autism Services provides services to adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders to support them to reach their goals and participate meaningfully in the community in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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What We Do

Our autism services include the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP), the Autism Waiver Program, diagnostic psychological evaluations, respite, education and training about Autism Spectrum Disorders and more.

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Keystone Autism Services (KAS) provides some of the first services and supports for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Across the nation, there has been an increasing emphasis on autism detection, diagnosis and support for children and infants. While these valuable advances can greatly improve the early development of people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, many adults living with ASDs have received little to no personalized support because they were born before the federal mandates for standardized support programs.

To meet the needs of adults with autism, KAS was selected by the Bureau of Autism Services to provide services through the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP), a program of comprehensive, individualized services and supports that incorporate health care and vocational, social and behavioral supports. Designed to serve individuals with a wide range of needs, whether they need many or few supports, ACAP's services can be modified as a person's needs change, continually supporting them to increase their independence and capacity to participate meaningfully in the community.

ACAP will serve 200 adults with autism living in Lancaster, Dauphin, Cumberland and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania. Read more about ACAP's services and eligibility requirements.

If you're interested in learning more about KAS or ACAP, you can call us directly at 717-220-1465. You can also request more information online. We will respond to your online requests within one business day of receiving them.

Service Spotlight

A New Respite Apartment

The Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP) is excited to announce the recent opening of a respite apartment. As with all ACAP services, the respite apartment provides comprehensive and individualized support, based on each person’s specific needs.

While at the respite apartment, individuals continue to receive the individualized supports they need to reach their goals.

ACAP staff also use the respite apartment to support other ACAP participants to learn and practice independent living skills, such as meal planning and preparation, cleaning and laundry.

Learn more about Respite Services.

Recovery: In Our Own Words


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