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Values and Ideas That Guide Our Work

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We are deeply committed to decreasing the dependence of individuals and families on formal services. All that we do should contribute to the strength, independence, community presence and capacity of each individual.

Natural Supports

The use of natural supports is essential to enduring success. Natural supports from family, neighbors, churches, synagogues and the community define a resource of immense value and create a viable alternative to high cost formal program based services. These supports are, by definition, volunteer and charitable and, consequently, deeply aligned with the role and identity of community nonprofit. Services should be offered in the least restrictive, most natural setting possible. Individuals should be encouraged to use the available natural supports in the community and should be integrated into the normal living, working, learning and leisure time activities of the community.

Whatever It Takes

We value an attitude where nothing is impossible as long is it is legal and causes no harm. "No, we can't" as an answer is replaced by "How can we make this happen?" Making things happen doesn't always require money. Realizing dreams is about opening up opportunities that do not depend on the limited resources the system has available.

Cultural Competence

Culture determines our world view and provides a general design for living and patterns for interpreting reality that are reflected in our behavior. Therefore, services should be "culturally competent" and be provided by individuals who have the skills to recognize, understand, and be responsive to and respectful of the mores, history, race, ethnic origin, values, beliefs, religious practice, customs, language, rituals, and practices, characteristic of a particular group of people.

Effective Treatment

When an individual or family needs formal services and or treatment, those services and treatments must be effective.

Developmental Model

We believe that all individuals grow and develop throughout their lives.

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